How to enter banned websites

Nowadays many websites are blocked by the university, country, school or even by antivirus softwares. When it is too necessary to access the website which is banned, what to do. Many websites are blocked such as youtube,facebook etc. You can get access to that website by a proxy website. Proxy websites change your ip and your country address. One free servicing proxy website is given below:

Just type in the web adress you want to access in down and press enter and you get accessed to that banned website!

Seeking for fresh water

Water is another word for life. Without water we can’t survive even survive for two days. People in the other countries drink fresh water but in our country fresh is getting scarce day by day. Rich people in Bangladesh drink the water by filtering and those who are very much  wealthy they buy the mineral water from Europe which are very costly. But look at the people who is not even getting fresh water nor even water. Yesterday me and my father were jogging in Bashundhara, M- block. I was very much shocked when I saw a couple of poor women taking waters with jars from drain. My father asked them that, why are they taking such dirty waters. They answered that ” We are very poor, we do not have any water supply nor we do not have the ability to buy a glass of water “. Mentioned below is the photo which I took from them in that moment:




So aren’t they drinking dirty waters everyday. So the government should give a common water-supply to the places where this poor people live.

The worst girl in the universe

Hello, most of our young sisters are obedient to their elder sister/brother but my sister is particularly different. The way she behaves is offensive. She thinks she is stronger than me and whenever I command her to do something she says “I cannot do this”.  She does not have even the least respect for her elder ones and as the days are passing on she is becoming even more worse. The common thing between me and her is the quarreling. We quarrel so often that it is nothing special. Below is the worst girl’s picture(I consider her even more worse):


I would be rather happy if you can give some bad name of this non-sense by commenting. I already gave her a name that is ‘half-lady’ because her strength and behavior is same like a boy.

Air pollution in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is very well known to other countries because of the advertisements of Bangladesh in television. The advertisements show about the villages in Bangladesh which are green and very beautiful. But if you look at the main cities in Bangladesh like Dhaka and Chittagong the air you will contains a lot of dusts and harmful gases. Like there are many break fields in Bangladesh and every break fields includes a number of chimneys. These chimneys are backdated and release very harmful gases. The picture below proves it:


This photo is taken from beside Meghna river.


There are a lot of chimneys which pollutes the air. Scientists have researched about this thing and they have given the solution. They have upgraded the chimney’s smoke releasing. Modern chimneys does not release harmful gases and this are available in Bangladesh but still though the people of of Bangladesh are still using those backdated chimneys. So I think the government should look after it and should take necessary steps regarding this issue.

Waste products in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a green country and is very famous for its natural beauty. But the way our government treat the wastes from the country is very unfare. Our government does not treat the waste products fairly and some of the waste product from the drain is carried to the Buringanga river which makes the river dirty and impure. Most of the waste product can be seen beside road, lake, rivers, markets etc. The picture below shows the dirty waste products between a road and and a lake.



So the government of Bangladesh should keep dustbin in every road. From my thoughts there are two ways to destroy the wastes, the first is to bury the wastes under the ground which can turn into fossils and another way is to burn the wastes.

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